Grey Corporate Promotions

Was established in 2002 as a one-man office. Today, with now more than 10 years of experience in the corporate marketing business, Grey Corporate Promotions has steadily grown into a leading corporate gifts and clothing supplier.

We are the clichéd “one stop shop” as we offer just about anything needed in the corporate marketing environment.

Corporate Gifts and Clothing
Diaries and Calendars
Business Cards
Company Profiles
Graphic designing
Banners and Flags
Vehicle signage
Name badges
and a whole lot more!!!!

We pride ourselves on our innovation and excellent service. We will source, supply and brand just about any product in record turnaround times to suit your needs.

We’ve now also established a dedicated signage and graphic design department that will assist you with all your signage and designing needs.

At Grey Corporate Promotions, we are passionate, funky, friendly and approachable. We believe in providing fast and original solutions and will go out of our way to assist with all your marketing needs. No client is too small to be taken seriously or too big to be served effectively.

We provide quality goods at speedy turn-around times, complimented by friendly service and competitive prices.

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